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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

first impressions?

Don't you wonder how some people can just be so good at introducing themselves, they can                just be so "out there" i guess? For example they won't be so awkward or shy about saying who            they are or what they're like. In case you were wondering, that's exactly what i'm going to do              right now.

You might be wondering why i'm even starting a blog in the first place, well long story short I            love reading other peoples blogs, I love watching video blogs, or vlogs, and I just love to talk.            Aside from that I have been thinking about this for quite a while now, and finally got the                      courage to do it.

So just for a little but about me, my favorite color is purple, i'm very creative, I like doing DIY           things, I like baking, fashion, make-up, and stuff like that, I like to try new things if they sound           interesting to me, I can either be really outgoing or I can be really quiet. I like to decorate                   things, i'm a very creative person I also love love listening to music, some people/bands that               i'm into are, 5 seconds of summer, All time low, Fall out boy, Panic! at the disco, Twenty one             pilots, One Direction, Sleeping with sirens, Halsey, and Melanie Martinez, just to name a few.
I'm a fangirl and im proud to be one (; in case you probably haven't realized yet i love to                   watch youtube, and i dont watch that much tv, i love to read (mostly on wattpad, whoops!)

Even though this is a very short post, and nobody is ever going to see this, you can leave                     feedback in the comments, for now while i work on getting everything set up.
love you. xx


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