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Monday, February 22, 2016


okay, so if you're a 5sos ( 5 seconds of summer) fan then you can totally relate to this post. Now if you're not, its okay but I'm pretty sure you can relate with other bands (bc so do i, ahaha!) Anyways, can you believe it? They are already starting another tour. I'm honestly so proud of these boys, watching them grow, seeing as I've been a fan since the near beginning (march 2012). i love how they aren't afraid to be themselves no matter what other people think of them and how they really have the sound of their music in check. I also love how they want to keep that 90's sound, like how All time Low, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Green Day, and all those bands do.

If you went to ROWYSO, right now you must be having major PCD, because really who isn't ?!
This year i'm going to see them for the 3rd time and to be completely honest i didn't think i would be able too. the first time i saw them was on One Directions Where We Are tour and the friend i was going with, we got into a fight so gave my ticket to someone else )': but then my cousions had an extra ticket and gladly offered it to me about 4 hours before the concert! The 2nd time i basically begged for ROWYSO tickets, (im thinking about doing another post about that experience) and my dad got them and it was beyond amazing. After that when they released SLFL tour dates i knew they were coming but i didn't think i would actually get tickets, but it was my sister , who quite frankly doesn't like them AT ALL told my dad to get them for me (:, she also did go with me to rowyso and now shes going with me to slfl! Ah. i honestly can't wait, and i'm litterally counting down the days!

Anyways how proud are you of them, if you like them? because i sure am beyond proud of those 4 dorks!
Here's one of my favorite pictures (that's not of the boys that i took)


  1. That is such a beautiful picture. Xo

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